Instructions - Anti-wrinkle patches

Instructions :

1. Make sure your skin is completely clean, dry, and free of moisturizer, sunscreen, or the like. Sweating can interfere with the adhesion process.

2. Remove the patches from the box and remove the plastic protection.

3. Place the adhesive side of the patches on your skin pressing firmly from the middle to the edges until the patches are secure.

4. Wear the patches for several hours at a time. It is recommended to use them after a shower.

5. To remove, press down firmly on the skin with one hand while using the other hand to gently pull and peel off the patch.

6. Follow patch care instructions to increase patch longevity.

Care instructions:

1. Use your hand instead of any kind of towel to wash the pads. Remove oils from the pads by gently washing them with warm water and soap.

2. Do not use harsh chemicals, disinfectants, or abrasive cleaners on the patches.

3. Let the patches air dry with the adhesive side up in a clean place.

4. Once dry, replace the plastic liner to protect the adhesive.


1. Do not use on sensitive, irritated, cut, scraped or burned skin.

2. Do not use if there is known sensitivity to medical grade silicone/unknown active skin condition.

3. Do not wear the patches over 8 hours. Prolonged wearing of the patches may cause skin irritation.